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Here on a pickup truck like this Toyota, Tundra, you're gon na haul stuff - and what happens you scratch up? The bed got a beautiful truck and a good-looking bed. Well, I'm with Jack Anderson, a farmer Thane and he's gon na put the beauty back in our bed. Wow now we're gon na put a spray-on bedliner on this truck today and obviously there's gon na be some prep work. So let's get started. Okay, before we start grinding and our prepping, our bed we're going to go ahead and remove the last of the hardware in here all right, you know the hooks out of it we'll take the tie-downs out what about these, because the owner has chosen to leave them In the armored thing will seal around them and make a good seal on the floor, our around some of the trucks, the bed bolts, need to be pulled for a service issue, so in this case the owners opted to leave them in all right, less work. That'S work once we get these tie-downs out. What'S next to tailgate, we'll go the tailgate and when we get to our tailgate, we're gon na check and make sure we don't have any wiring from the tailgate to the the bed for backup cameras or backup, sensors make sure we have all our wires unplugged and Then we'll take them, remove our tailgate all right. We got our tailgate off we're ready to tape it off, but we're gon na remove this panel Jack. Now. Why are we removing this panel? Well, if we left the panel in place and frayed the tailgate with our machine, we would seal this panel to the tailgate and, unfortunately, mechanical parts have a way of breaking it. Myself. We had an issue in here. We wouldn't be able to get this panel off. All right so we're just gon na space it up so we're gon na take this panel loose we're gon na tape, the linkage rods and the lock, and then we got these tricky little wood blocks here when we actually spray it we're gon na. Have it spaced up away from the tailgate, we'll still get our arm Athene around the inspection cover and the tailgate, but when we're done spraying we'll take our blocks out, we can plus background lamp. Put it back down. It'S removable all right! Well, you're, ready tape. I'M ready to tape. We saw all the work that went into prep of the tailgate but Jack. Now we've got tape off the bed. Well, we're gon na tape that okay, we're gon na start with our wide tape, we're gon na wrap it around this edge. We'Re gon na go clear around the bed. We'Re gon na, take our narrow tape and we're gon na go just behind a crown back here around the tailgate opening all right. Well then, I'm gon na tape off the bolts that will hold the tonneau cover I'll put them back in. So we don't get any liner inside the bowl holes yeah rough up the surface. It'S not gon na. Stick, we don't rough. It up correct crack all right! Then we'll wipe it out with a snowman in all, it's left drape to plastic and we're ready to spray you betcha once Jack is finished masking the bed. He will cover the rest of the truck with plastic to prevent any damage and he will start spraying

Performance TV ArmorThane Bed Liner Demo

If you own a pickup truck like this Toyota, Tundra, you're gon na haul stuff - and what happens you scratch up, the bed got a beautiful truck and ugly looking bed. Well, I'm with Jack Anderson, I'm Armour Thane and he's gon na put the beauty back in our bed. Okay, before we start grinding and our prepping, our bed we're gon na go ahead and remove the last of the hardware in here all right. You know the hooks out of it we'll take the tie-downs out what about these, because the owner has chosen to leave them in the armored thing, will seal around them and and make a good seal on the floor. Our run some of the trucks, the bed bolts need to be pulled for a service issue, so in this case the owners opted to leave them in all right, less work, that's worth all right. Once we get these tie-downs out. What'S next step, tailgate we'll go the tailgate when we get to our tailgate we're going to check and make sure we don't have any wiring from the tailgate to the the bed for backup cameras or backup. Sensors make sure we have all our wires unplugged and then we'll take and remove our tailgate all right. We got our tailgate off we're ready to tape it off, but we're gon na remove this panel Jack. Now. Why are we removing this panel? Well, if we left the panel in place and frayed the tailgate with our machine, we would seal this panel to the tailgate and, unfortunately, mechanical parts have a way of breaking them out. So if we had an issue in here, we wouldn't be able to get this panel off all right, so we're just going to space it up. So we're gon na take this panel loose we're gon na tape, the linkage rods and the lock, and then we got these tricky little wood blocks here when we actually spray it we're gon na. Have it spaced up away from the tailgate, we'll still get our arm? Athene around the inspection cover and the tailgate, but when we're done spraying we'll take our blocks out, we can push back the lamp and put it back down. It'S removable all right, well, you're, ready, Jake, I'm ready to take. We saw all the work that went into prep of the tailgate but Jack. Now we've had tape off the bed where we're gon na tape that okay, we're gon na start with our wide tape. We'Re gon na wrap it around this edge. We'Re gon na go clear around the bed. We'Re gon na, take our narrow tape and we're gon na go just behind the crown back here around the tailgate opening all right. Well then, I'm gon na tape off the bolts that will hold the tonneau cover I'll put them back in. So we don't get any liner inside the bowl holes. Yeah yeah. We got ta rough up the surface. It'S not gon na. Stick, we don't rough. It up. Correct crack all right, then we'll wipe it out with a stone, but in all it's left, drape to plastic and we're ready to spray you betcha, once Jack has finished masking the bed. He will cover the rest of the truck with plastic to prevent any damage and he will start spraying we'll have that when performance TV returns now keep in mind that spraying, a truck bid can take a while. So we asked Jack to fill us in on some of the tips and techniques he uses with armor thing. A lot of places that the applicators will miss is the area up underneath the bed, rail, and so that's. Why that's one of the first areas that that we show our dealers how to spray or what to spray, is to stand behind the truck bed and spray up underneath of that rail for stepping to the side and actually spraying the side panel? Getting enough thickness around the edges, we like we like to have a full quarter, inch around the tailgate opening and around the edge of the tailgate and usually on the average pickup truck you'll spray. The sidewalls three to four coats on the floor, sometimes six to eight to get your mill thickness that you're required. When you get the bed done, then you go back to the tailgate and you'll finish it up with your third in your fourth coat. For the most part, the plastic or rubber pieces in the front of the bed, where a hole and access hole to get it down the assembly line, there's never anything behind them. So we always ask the customer and/or the dealer. You want them straight over. Do you want to take them out? We prefer to spray them over because they're made to slip over a piece of thin sheet metal. So when you put 3/16 coating on the bed, then the plugs never stay in. They never look right, and so it's best if they don't have a preference for a moment, there's what's called a texture coat when you get done spraying. The truck liner you'll have shiny spots rough spots, not so rough spots, and the texture is what goes over it from a distance of five to six feet and it's kind of used you're sprinkling the droplets over. What you're gaining is two things you're making it all. Look the same, and that's where you get your slip resistance a bed liner with no texture will be slippery when wet won't hold the cars will load very well, so, based on what the truck is going to actually be used for, there's a degrees of texture, you Can touch they're real severe or you can put a real fine texture on. So it's been that's, like I said, that's all done from six to eight feet with the gun just moving, slowly back and forth over the bed. Now we have the final finished product all done. Look how nice and smooth it is it contours nice with the bed. It'S gon na keep this truck bed looking beautiful, no matter what you haul in your truck

Repair and Restore Avalanche Cladding

Hi, my name is Stefan I'd like to talk a little bit today about Armour Thane and its brand truck bedliner. Armor Thane is a multinational company that was founded in 1989 and is based in Springfield Missouri armor Thane is a leader in spray and drug bedliners. I currently own a 2002 Chevy Avalanche with the light grade. Colored plastic cladding plastic cladding was designed to provide a distinct look and added protection to the vehicle over the years. The cladding developed appearance issues like fading chalking. This even zebra stripes, due to the direct sunlight and heat after several complaints to the dealer about the appearance of the cladding, the dealer and General Motors agreed to a one-time product called armadillo, not to be confused with armor thane. This product lasts about six months. After several more complaints to the dealer, they agreed to try another product called Gator back Gator back was a sprayed-on application which actually sprayed a lighter color and made the original cladding look lighter than it was intended. This product didn't last long either and started the peel. I was sideswiped by another vehicle from the driver side, front door, rearward damaging the running board and a piece of cladding right in front of the rear tire. It was the worst I purchased new piece of cladding only to find that the new piece and the original cladding that was Gator back didn't meant I've heard of other clouded avalanche Childers spring there, climbing with a plastic spray paint called fusion. So I gave it a shot. What I did was actually bought a can and sprayed the drains on the inward side of the right and left sale panels, as you can see over time they faded and didn't. Last to my specifications I had a friend of mine recently had a spray and truck bedliner done to his vehicle. I asked him, I said man, it looks good said. Who is the name of that company who sprayed it in and what product is he so? The name the company was total customs of a foul Missouri. That'S called armor thing. His new truck bedliner looked great by the way, so I had a thought. I thought I would try this application on the running board first on each side and see how it turned out. I spoke with the folks at total customs Mike and Tom, letting them know what I wanted to do with the running board. Since it was a plastic application, they weren't real sure. You know how it were here to the plastic, so they asked me if I'd come out, so they can take a look at it. Folks and total customs agreed to spray the running boards with the armored thing bedliner, but didn't want to guarantee it at all. They were not sure how well we're here. What I asked them to do is encapsulate or totally spray. You know top bottom front back the whole piece of running board just so there were no edges or anything for moisture get up under once I saw the finished product the running boards. I was convinced this was definitely the way to go, as you can see what I've got here. I'Ve got the the front section of fender to the rear of the front tire, the front door, the rear door, the rear piece in front of the rear tire, the rear, quarter-panel, and I have the rear bumper sprayed as well. It'S it's pretty much a work in progress, but I'll tell you what it's well worth the the weight and trying to get this thing completed. This is phenomenal. This is where project armor lanch came into play. So what I did here is to explain a little bit. I took each piece off of the vehicle, like I said: the fenders, the doors, the recorders and took them out to a time when I did. I did the rear quarters once and then I can go, do the doors and the front fender. So the folks at total customs mike and tom, actually Adam, did the spraying out there. They totally encapsulated each piece which made it a little more difficult for the application go back on the truck, but I tell you what, like I said: well worth it. This is a phenomenal product and definitely the way to go. If you are a cladded avalanche owner and you are looking to revive or restore the cladding on your vehicle, I would suggest don't go to paint route and go the armor thing around. It'S truly amazing, like I said, each piece is totally encapsulated I'll, try to get a close-up view of the original, but the old first I mean you can see lines all through it. It'S still looking chalky. I just do my best to keep it clean right now, but here is they finished the armor Thayne product, like I say it's a little dirty now, but very phenomenal stuff and I'll just kind of give you a little bit of glimpse here. Here'S the inside look! Look door stop swinging the inside section of the door and, like I said it's totally encapsulated. So if I were to look all the way up underneath the door, I mean you, you couldn't see any light gray, color anymore. This is totally encapsulated. This stuff is phenomenal. Get a hand out here, so I still have, as you can see some pieces to go the sail panels on top the saddlebag the rear covers, but I've got the recorders, the bumper. I still have some sections here in the back of the truck look at the difference. Look at the two. It'S just phenomenal. I like to say that there are other applications for the armor thin spray. You know I'm looking now at currently adding them into a boat product project that I've got going on now with a jambo, but this stuff is phenomenal. I was actually at a my son's baseball games and I had the truck parked down the third-base side of the field and it was a foul ball. It took a shot, took one skip off the ground and made direct contact with the rear quarter-panel. To my surprise, there was no damage to the quarter panel at all no damage to the armor theme product. This stuff is very flexible. It'S a two-part process. It'S a high temperature high heats process. It'S a polyurethane based material, very, very flexible. So, like I said, I just want to give many kudos thanks to the folks at total customs, Mike Tom and Adam in O'Fallon Missouri. I also want to give many thanks to a hank at the armor thing, I'm kind of helping this project along and Doran. He can so, like, I said, still a still working progress. This would be the next piece that gets done, so I can always add more more video and show you how it comes along, but, like I said this is a phenomenal product. Definitely the way to go for cladded avalanche owners. I would definitely not do the spray paint so project armor lanch is is awesome in thanks.

Iraq UltraBlast Coating Test for ArmorThane

Constructed that you see behind us here was built four meters by three meters on four walls. We coated about three to four millimeters on each wall. One wall is coated on both sides, either Wonderwall quoted on the just, the middle are the the inside and the one was just coated on the outside. So we're going to test it with about, took our one kilogram of c-4 explosive, yes for to to test how it can stay together and withstand the blast. This is, this is the first wall. This is the first wall which was done. We have the coating on both sides, which is about three to four millimeters of the ultra blast coating on this wall, this side and also on the inside, so the on to two mr. Garak, can you explain to me more? What is exactly, we can do it get a starting of a building, how we can save the buildings well Ali. You know that in today's world safety and security is very important. You want to be able to protect people, protect lives, protect injuries, so you want to use this product on many applications which include hospitals, schools, malls government buildings, police stations and even some of the checkpoints that you have in this country here. So it's very important to keep the safety of the people so that there's very very little injury. Our product is very tough, it's very resilient. It takes a lot of it, absorbs all the impact of explosion, so it's it can withstand all those sorts of damages. This is is about the bullying. Now tell me: what is what is the building? What is more, like more importance behind the building, what you can do it for this project? Well, there's more applications than even just the building's themselves. It can be used as a waterproofing membrane. It can be used as something that would actually increase the strength of a building. So there's many applications beyond that. We we have some parts we're working on which will develop for ballistic protection, so would be good for for any bullets and other fragments, as explosions happen. So yeah there's a host of different applications and uses within the military are very important to to protect our our forces and the people that work in our military. You, you

☢ Bomb Proof Truck Bed-Liner

Final experiment for bedliner bedlam, the bomb. If you coat your house in bedliner, you can make it blast, proof all right. Here'S what I'm thinking! Four walls, total cinderblock walls, one coated, one knot and two standard wood frame walls, one coated one! Then we detonate an explosive see how the net stands all right, then we'll see how strong the stuff really is and quick as a flash they've knocked up those four walls for a test. So we have two sets of walls, wood ones and cinderblock ones, and we're gon na see how well the bedliner does against an explosion. A lot of people ask me: do you ever get tired of blowing stuff up? I tell them. No, I don't it'll be a blast times four, but that's not good news for buster, so he plays Buster right in the middle of our wood frame house he's got no instrumentation inside of him. This is just a visual test, well see if the walls fall in on him on this side of the wall. I'M setting up the black c4 is exactly five feet away instead of the wall, unless he explodes it's gon na be putting out a blast. Load of 95 psi see how the wood wall handled okay. This is control test for bedliner. Here we go great. What that wall - oh yeah, Cajun, busser, unsurprisingly, the code-compliant wooden wall between Buster and the c-4 failed, looks like we just put a new door in. I, like our c4 remodeling now, if this bedliner has any hope of working at all, what it's got to do is contain most, if not all this and keep it from hitting buster my prediction, I don't fix it well to fight out its relocation. Relocation as buster is moved to an identical wooden home. Good luck, Buster you're, gon na need it all, except the coating of bedliner now for the bedliner house, same mantasy for same distance, all right. This is wood wall with bedliner versus c4. Do it in three two one clears in what does Wow the wall is still together, no right, but we got to check the inside. It stopped the shockwave from breaking through the wall. That'S incredible! This is in remarkably good shape, all right. Well, let's blast her from the outside: let's check the inside, oh, I would have to say this is totally blast-proof. Amazingly, the coated wooden walls are indeed bomb-proof, but can bedliner hold the c-4 wolf away for the cinder blocks? Now we are moving on to the cinderblock wall, but we are going to double the amount of c4. The reason is because the amount that we use on the wood walls would not do any damage to the cinderblock wall. All in all, it's just another brick in the wall. It is doing so. We are also increasing the amount of blast load from 95 psi to 1,400 psi. We'Re gon na set off c4 in front of both walls and see what happened so first to find out what double the c4 does to their cinderblock control in three two one: Oh Wow back out. It go just like the wood wall, but it pushed all the bricks out of the water and, I would have to say, buster, probably didn't survive this blast all right. Well, uh, let's see what the bedliner dad! Okay, that was pretty impressive for the ultimate test of bedliner. Buster has his back to the reinforced wall, but will it be enough to protect him from a c4 blast? This is bedliner on a cinderblock wall in three C's smoke rise, yeah, that's a big black mark, but I don't think it did any damage from the front. It'S looking good for blast-proof bedliner, guys, looking really good from this side. Yeah there's hardly any damage. It'S just dirt: let's look at the other side, Buster survived, so bedliner is blast-proof totally blast-proof. This one's confirmed as it turns out bedliner, has amazing blast proofing qualities. We sprayed it on a wood wall. Here it kept the wall together, showering busted with debris now here with our cinderblock wall, it totally devastated the back of the wall, crumbled, everything debris everywhere and here on our treated cinderblock wall, not a scratch on it. Bedliner is a blast proofing. Agent confirmed, that's incredible and I've got a new application for bedliner huh, that's awesome stuff. What else can we do with it? Wow, let's see if we can make stuff both room without shark room. What about bear proof? You

Which Truck Bed Liner is best? Let's find out!

Help you guys today, I'm out here at Great Lakes landing, so we're gon na go and take the DCD 790 turn it on and spray it with light next until it stops. Why not [ Music ]? Are you guys to work Great Lakes Linux? What we're gon na do is we take this drill, we've already kind of prepped it to the floor, so the line except the pressure doesn't blow it over. I'M gon na turn it on high and then they're gon na spray. It we're gon na see what happens. Sam, what do you think's? It happened. I think something's gon na happen. It'S gon na stop and I'm hoping for something to blow up like we'll see. I don't think it's good work just for electronics, but if it does it, I promise you guys. I will go find a cheap drill. It doesn't have like trash, got, ta, see it blow up. Yes, people have blow stuff up. You know that the wall might overpower your line axe. So what we're getting is gon na happen when it gets sprayed in here? You guys it's gon na start, gumming up and drying, and that's where it's gon na see bullet do I'll, be able to power through that. If you come to the back here, so you guys got ta charge battery and then I'm just going to pull these South wire things. We got hi Godspeed, one. Let'S bring the special diner [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ] [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. What do we got man? What kind of temperature we got roll in there? What'S your guess, three hundred degrees yeah athlete at least 2:58 max so far, but you can just feel I can feel it from here. How much money in Linux did we just waste? Do this is a full bedliner work, the material poundage wise? I mean you're talking geez Louise forty forty pounds of material Wow. So now, which is this such a thick line, except? Is it gon na take longer to cool? And now you got all that heat? Let me know you've done. I mean it's social watching, for I got three more inches of materials. The brain you're talking is gon na, be like game and one of the cool thing about this product. Is it dry so fast and it's three of my seconds from a liquid to the solid right? Well, that's what I thought was gon na happen once it hit Dan caught it we're gon na slow it down, but out yeah that really amazed at the torque yeah. A spindle took a long time. This is probably more what stopped it than the actual yeah so somewhere under there is it the wall drill there look at this, though right now. Is there any way we're getting that Joe back? If you cut it open, you could? Oh really yeah Wow, but I mean it'd be a lot of chiseling and oh yeah. We might have to do that for the next video, I'm thinkin all right, you guys. If someone once you get their drill line-x, where would they go Great Lakes lionex we're at 25 sever up 176 berry Grove, Illinois, eight one, five, four, five: five zero one, two three go line X that info all right. You guys and we're gon na have a lot more on the channel line x comment below what do you want to see line X? Next, we're almost gon na go to the point where, if you guys want something line X, didn't want to see on the channel. Let us know and you'll ship it out to us and most brave for you you're not getting the back, but we will allow spray it and see what's happening so great, it will destroy it, yeah well, spray and destroy it. Exactly lion actually is something of each others like a car, someone's cars yeah Omega cool makeup that I pick something you picked something of mine LaRosa's, we spray something they value night. I know exactly what I'm going for your kegerator your face. Hi you guys peace out chosen action, my god here it [ Applause, ], remember for more exciting to election, go to tools in action; dot-com


Videos of all time on my channel, we're covering an entire car with line action line X, got ta, know right now. They'Re hooking me up with a whole lotta line X to make the door a little less vegetable. I already destroyed this car. I just got this car okay, I bought. It was really expensive. Ah see the destruction in this. Video has already happened. I just read the roof know. If there was line X on the entire car, maybe I wouldn't destroy the roof, but we should fix that yeah. It'S a fix ticket yeah little bit, love it fuckin yep! That'S, I was gon na say good as new, but it wasn't new to start with so good is used. Now I know what you guys are saying: Justin. You just spent a whole ton of money on a car just to break it and if you're not asking yourself, you should at least be asking yourself, because, yes, I bought an expensive car and I'm using it for one video and breaking it questioning my life right Now, but what you guys should know is that this video would not be able to happen if it wasn't for the help of riders. I, where you guys see that you see these sunglasses consider these just dustin merch, because they are making it just dustin. Video happened. Jus shadows goes to right, as i were partnering with me on this video making. This video happen. They got a whole ton of cool products. They hooked up me Travis, oh my god, with a bunch of sunglasses that I'm gon na be testing out a little bit in this video as well. To just know this car. I don't know why I thought that was gon na break it, but I don't know what that is, but it's time to move on Spray, the process of doing the spray in the gun and covering this. I don't know what I'm doing. I think that's very clear. Right there yeah, he knows what he's doing got a line, a shirt. This is this is his place and well he's gon na. Do it shout out to him, as he's spraying, the car I'm gon na be surfing on it, breaking it and we're all doing everything tonight? What I I should probably not do the police bring it. I could explain to you what he's doing, but once again, I'm talking about we're just gon na show you been a little hasty. Are now got a price of y'all snake guys, one thanks for your chosen, so I see our frozen eight-six party hey. I will get a bar today got lost in the positive out cars. Finally done. Look at my brand new 0 % tint windows like that. To do that, that's probably not allowed all right, so you guys know how these videos work. I like to test a lot of these unbreakable things with weapons. First up we got the mallet aah. Is that loud a little bit? My ear is deaf, but yours that I just didn't like the music. Your four ways are on now and you can't turn them off cuz. He broke the button. Oh I broke the button. You broke the button turn off. Please turn off. Please no looks like the four ways. Maybe on maybe see if love is permanently safety safety. Oh, oh, no! Oh! No! No! No! I bent the key. What do I do? I don't know I mean you see you hit that part. It still runs. You got it. You got it high-five! Okay, you guys don't care about seeing the inside. You guys want to see the outside check it out. Oh my god guys these are summer tires the brakes suck. Then you're, just like it's like pimp my ride. Just that's the nation! Oh good, you just what honestly everything I touch breaks. I consider that a gift come on get in get in get in go for ride. Please can't I can't get in yeah, it's line-x. I can't get in that. You know, I think, that's a fair point. Well, you know there's no real other room in here. For you and I'm in this side, so no we're gon na have to break the door open. What does it mean to winch your wipers on, so I don't know how to turn that off all right now. Obviously, the point of this video is to compare a non line ex car who will lie next car. You know how we're gon na do that? Okay, you I'm asking you! Oh no. I don't know how oh now, the first way I could think of we wolves were playing some kind of sport cake and you accidentally smoke the car Travis. What do you do when you accidentally smoke a car? I don't wan na go hit the ball correct. The ball yeah, you know what I do, but the thing is. That would never really happen to me because I didn't grow up playing football. I grew up playing football all right. I didn't really do that much damage. What if that was your car by the way? I'M just saying: if any of you guys are physicists out there, you would notice the angle trajectory speed. That was good from like 45. You might have a slight dent in your car, but if you had a line ex car - oh oh, oh the case you're wondering it's freezing outside it's minus 20 degrees Celsius. I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit. You know what that is. Fahrenheit still. Somebody comment down below is that what that I came it's because it's so cold. What'S that not what, if you guys lived in not the best of neighborhood and the kids instead of walking around with footballs, they walked around with mallets. What kind of neighborhood is that mallet ville place in mallet county of anyways? It'S probably a place and they're working on their mallet toss, and your car just happens to be in the way. Well looks like you'd be missing a little bit of paint and you have a dent and you'd have no eardrums, but what? If kid, mallet and all his mallet friends had mallets, it could be a lot worse. One of them might have missed. Don'T act like you guys have never done this before when you lose your ball under the car, got it well. You'D have a whole lot of dents in your cars, and you probably be looking for 12 to 14 mallet heads with their mallets. I said mallet so many times in milk in mallet ville, but my suggestion is all you. People in mallet ville is that you get your car car an inline X cuz, you never know. Oh I hate my real car. Almost I broke what my weapons VIN. Did you handle? I should get a lionex weapon spinner. You should oh there's still more kids hitting it. Hey those kids better, have some good stamina and to be able to withstand the cold fire, so-called paternity Gavin's. On the coffin. I can see. Okay mal. I still work not even invalid, now not wanted for some reason. You guys live in an old-school town, okay, where there's a bunch of the kids from the Goonies running around or Dennis the Menace he's still running around somewhere. It'S probably an old man walking around now and it what did Dennis the Menace's in your city, then your car's gon na need some slingshot protection. There'S nothing in there. Oh, this is so fun. Oh yeah. The paint here is, is not doing too well. Your car have you really messed up but of course, with the line-x side of your car. Oh I shouldn't do this anymore. I shouldn't do this thing, but you guys know I'm going to oh, no more slingshot. Alright, so we've used some tools. Then we review some weapons, a cage and honestly it's not a good amount of damage. So maybe I'm starting to think you know what to damage a car. You don't need weapons. What, if you're a big celebrity like Justin, Bieber or David Ober, and your car is getting mobbed by fans wow and they're, shaking it and they're taking it? Why is that door panel, so sharp and they're trying to get into your trunk? Take it? How am i dying this video, not a lot of crazy things on my channel for the backpack, I bent it so much at the page. Shipping. That'S successful damage one point for the riders. This was your car. You might not be safe but if you add a line X, car child windows, nobody likes child windows. Why is the wiper blade on here and turn it off yet turn it off? The riders could steal your windshield wipers. They only in there conform. No, but if you had a line X car, maybe if the riot was a bunch of football players there would be dish news, no damage. Oh I'm all upset. Usually when I wear equipment things break, I should go back to the other side of the other car. So it's just not meant to be how I'm gon na stop hitting things with my head house to hitch. I think my work here is done all right, Travis, you know what I'm starting to think we're not going about this right. Okay, I think we're using our heads, but not using our heads. Why don't we go for the weakest part instead of the strongest part? You know the weakest part is right. So the window ready yep. 3. 2. 1. Oh, you don't eat, you, don't even have protective eyewear right and mr. safety wouldn't like that all right. Now, I'm feeling good, I'm looking good. You think I look good. I know I look good and I'm ready to break a window. Why? Because I'm wearing the best sunglasses that I have ever worn, you see this. This is a diffuser frame, so much airflow. So much these right here got hydrophilic. Anti-Slip stability, each pair comes with custom, nose pads, I mean just try and shake them off. They won't come off trying to see they won't come up unless you want them to. But you know what my favorite thing about. These are they're crazy, durable and they got these springy hinges sort of things. I just really like that. There'S the guys look at these, like you could just you could bend them they're good they're, not breaking you guys got to make sure you pick yourself up a pair with my personal link in the description down below guys. This is honestly a great company that makes dozens of great classes. They hit me up and made this video happy, so go show them some love. If you guys want to see them support me, making more bangers just like this one big feel good. Now I think so here we go 3. 2. 1. Oh that felt so good. Look at that, oh how's, about to jump through there. Now that would have been bad. This is the price we've here for slo-mo shots, oh god! No! No! Well! I am giving some away link in the description. No, we missed the slow-mo shot. We should get another one. Oh you guys. Look here, see that see that line Exide isn't broken so I'm talking about. We may have not gotten our slow ball the first time, but you guys know we're gon na get that slow-mo. Here we go three two one. Oh my god, I'm glad I have a lie. Neck scarf not a not lie neck scar, okay, how we gon na drive this! I want my phone Travis forgot to lock the doors. Okay, now clearly guys if your car was not lying next people would be able to break the window, but if it was linacs, let's see what would happen three two one, oh my god looks like no reveal to get in. You think the windows. Okay, though, no fingers crossed oh, like it sticks to it, it broke, but it like stopped it from falling. You don't I mean yeah. Definitely evil windows crack, but it's not broken. It'S still. An intact window line X, wins Travis. I know you feel the feel. I know you want to get involved or just what I'm gon na need some safety protection here you go. Thank you, Shido! No, no, no he's in mine, but I got you alright. Oh okay. Travis is on top of the world nice right now. I know you are okay, I see those glasses, I see them. I see them. Let'S do this here. We go. Oh, my god. Oh wow wow another one and the line Exide not so much my food. No, I don't even old my phone. Why didn't you tell me my bow? Was in there? Oh, my god, but look we're still good. I mean they're not getting in nobody, not gon na Travis getting late. We got one window left. You know what that means right. It'S van helsing time look! Didn'T you watch the last video I mean I was there. I filmed it still doesn't know who van Helsing is back besides the point, we're gon na shoot the window this time, we're making sure we got the sharp tips load it up. Here we go. Oh, my good, it didn't break another one. This time, I'm aiming at the side. Where did that go okay, the car? I literally thought it went straight up in the air. Did you know? I did that's right? Oh my god. Oh No, it broke the tip. They went straight in though oh my god well at least the windows still intact. How is this possible apparently only sledgehammers work? What happened? Okay, I always finish the job too bad. I mean you could probably get a couple of bucks off of it right sell it used 20 % off 30 % off 70 70, 70 percent off not a bad deal. You guys want to buy the car hit out a link in my description. Well, I'm not gon na give to that arrow tip works. You know what else might work something else. Sharp pickaxe always works here. We go. Oh, my god. Let'S try the line. Exide got it. Okay, I am freezing. You know it goes to show that we've done a lot in this video, I'm not gon na say smash the like button, but I highly urge you guys to explore button down there. That looks like this and we'll give it a tap. Can'T forget about the headlights. Don'T think you got a broken taillight, I'm gon na make an officer pull you over joke, but you're, not even in the car and I'm so cold. I can't do it please doing okay, okay, yep! That'S! Okay! All right! Try! It now keep going! That'S! Okay! Travis! My buddy buddy, but you got anger issues buddy day you anger, holding. Oh, oh, oh, you can't rip it off cuz the line hacks. You can't rip it all right, souvenir available in the giveaway down below I'm cold. You know, I think we could still sell it available for a night. You know 75 % off now you say nightie, I'm trying to make this car free. We better beat it up more now that I'm looking at it I'll really like the spoiler all right. Well, this side breaks foot the next time holding it together, it's too cold for this. We should go inside all right now. Clearly, this side is taking a beating - oh my god, but I don't think we paid enough attention to the other side. Let'S give it a shot, like literally I'm trying to show you the tip tips. Bed we're gon na give it a shot. Oh, oh! What'S on the road now with my other video as a kid, I've realized. Line-X is amazing, a blunt force trauma but again sharp things. Sometimes you get through okay, even this whoa, it's just poking little holes with samurai sword, okay, Travis yeah! Any other suggestions I mean. Usually a machete works, pretty well machete. You can never forget about the machete. It'S always the go-to. Here we go. [ Music ] see that little hole make a big one. Okay, maybe not. Oh apparently, line-x makes everything safe see if I can cut open the seam. Okay, clearly visible Shetty is not working on the line excise. Let'S see what it would do to the other side now it's commonly we're all knowing that, if you leave your car in the parking lot and you're, not a nice person, you may get your car key. What about getting your car machete? You know what that says: Travis check it out, that's it! That'S what I'm talking about, there's almost no more damage you can do to this right. That'S what you thought, okay guys, so you thought I was done. You guys thought that that card looks broken enough right. Well, well, it's not see this yeah, I don't know the name of that machine, but it means business, I'm not the one driving. My boy is doing it. That'S what I'm talking about stay of my life is what I want to do. I guys I'm quitting YouTube. This is becoming my new job brushing cars. Let'S go check it out. Oh hey, guys, look at it! Well, as you can see, the line, Exide is still more impact than the other side. Don'T suck forgot my favorite CD in there just in case you guys were doubting with me: okay, I'm the destruction, king of YouTube, if that's not worth smashing like button for well. Well, I don't know what you're looking for it's the greatest day of my life. [ Applause, ], okay, so that's it make sure you guys will cop your self, some riders, eyewear and answer the iPhone giveaway link. Your my description down below and you guys know whether I'm breaking a car covered in line-x or not. I always like to leave on a high note. You think it's time to get rid of this, not just yet [ Music, ]


To test out this line-x Harvard this stuff is really heavy baby bulletproof. Mr. beast, that's right. I said mr. beast: I am calling you out to a boxing match. I think he's actually gon na believe that why, wouldn't he I mean, there's a chance right. There'S a chance, if you guys tweet at mr. B, saying just Dustin, is calling you out with this video links to go ahead and do that BAM, sweaters right there. I don't actually want a bow. Mr. B's, okay he's actually one of my favorite youtubers. I know a lot of people are gon na think that this video idea came from him. It didn't, but you know what he's one of my favorite youtubers. I may as well give him a shout-out cuz. His video was super dope. He shot 50 cow into 1 million LEGO pieces. I'Ll leave his link in the description down below go check it out. Mr. beast, I know you're a great mind, I'm a great mind too. I got some crazy ideas. That only mean you could pull off you wan na hear. I'M hit me up fly wherever you need me to go. Let'S do it, as you guys can see here a little bit of an array of weapons. We have another bigger one, but the trigger guard lock. Sort of thing we can't cut it the one time I don't have a knife, so we don't have a 50 Cal today, but we will be getting a 50 Cal. So if you guys want to see that video comment down below what you want to see us put against the 50 Cal and we're gon na make that happen ow, what do you guys figure we're gon na shoot today, I'm asking you Travis, oh, I hope we're Shooting it yeah, that's obviously line-x, I feel, like you, guys, saw this one coming the line act. Oh my god. This stuff is really heavy and it's like really hot out here. I can't even see you got you looking at me. Okay, I can't even see to be honest, we're basically just here to shoot a bunch of stuff have a lot of fun and that's why I brought my ultimate destruction. Guy with me, Bongo Bongo the day has finally come the lokes all this destruction. All this blowing up all this hydrogen, the fire, the balls, it's paid off folks and I might be shooting Dustin. So if you guys want to see me shoot Dustin comment down below in the comment section leave a big like on the video. If you guys want me to shoot, doesn't if we could get 30,000 likes, I'm gon na shoot Dustin empty house that is cuz. You know I, like my life, oh you're, gon na be wearing the line X and it's gon na be fine. We'Re gon na put it to the test and you picked the hottest day of the year. I'M sweating it doesn't look too attractive, but I think we should start shooting stuff. Okay, fine, let's start shoot stuff we're gon na start off. Jesus there's something in my no actually, I'm destroyed no give sunglasses, oh okay, so we're gon na start off with the least strong, and that's this one right here and we're gon na put it up against I'm gon na figure that out, let's just start shooting. Well, let's just seen better days, how is this even Stan? Look at it literally, like shots all the way across it: okay, Barbasol, shaving cream, oh yeah! It works alright! Folks, here we go alright, let's get it get it got. Are your protection in that's not a real bullet? Oh first time. That'S what I'm talking about. I played a whole lot of Call of Duty man. I should be a part of phase by now. This is ridiculous. Whoever said video games don't matter, they clearly do alright. I'M getting a little too cocky, it was one shaving cream. Can I need to calm down? Let'S go check it, though don't once they even seem a little. What, if I told you I might have stolen from your house, my house. Well, there's no more shaving cream in it, there's no more shaving cream in it. You want to give to go, let's give it a go: hey, let's get it, let's get it, so you guys know when I'm playing for tonight. I only like to aim for the head so right here we have a plastic skull, it's a real skull, I'm pretty sure it's a real, I'm pretty sure. It'S pretty sure. It'S not I'm not a scientist, but it is plastic. I am a scientist. That'S not well we're gon na set it up and we're gon na shoot in we're gon na see how it is ready. That'S fair, yeah! I listen to you guys. You guys wanted this to happen. I made it happen. We named him yeah. I think that's fair. Alright, let's name him Scully, that's a good name: alright, peace, Scully, he's already dead, you've, never seen a Halloween movie. Okay, alright peace, Kali, no, I've misread. Okay! I gave him a haircut. I promise I'll hide it out. Don'T worry I'll, miss you! He has a nice fade down there. He has a nice buzz cut. Everybody deserves a second chance except you. No did I miss again bro. I don't even think I'm aiming it properly. Okay, I'm shooting one more time. Oh, I did shoot no way. Oh my! I smoked them every time you just wasn't moving literally right between the eyes. That'S like that's literally Deadshot out the back of his dome blush three times are you I was pretty good at shooting. I knew it Dustin. What did I say? I said that I'm gon na shoot the guy. They got. No, that's it. No, we always make sure things are broken. That'S more like it. Hey next object, all right now, shooting skulls is pretty fun and all especially when there's zombies ghosts or zombies killer. I am a zombie killer, that's a dope, you know what they say is three times harder than a human skull. Look it up an armadillos buck. Alright k. Google says that is not true. I actually had to verify and check that sounded, potentially legit hi. Okay, I made that up. It'S a coconut, coconut. I I don't have any jokes about coconuts. It'S a coconut help me it's a coconut shoot, the coconut. Let'S go so here. Is you guys to see we have the blue hunting rifle as bongo would call it? It'S a little bit of an upgrade from the previous weapon. Let'S test it out, I felt good about that. What do you think? I'M pretty sure there is no longer a coconut back there. If I'm not mistaken, I didn't hear anything you said, but let's go check out the coconut. I think I see some coconut beer, I'm pretty sure this is a coconut. We just shot based on scientific experiments in my mouth and it tastes way better when it's air dried a hundred feet in the air Oh way better, I got to be sure, yep you're right. It'S definitely coconut pop some more here. That'S the look! That'S a rock! This is not a coconut all right. Let'S go to the heart of the problem. I think oh there's no coconut where the coconut was at all yeah next item that was satisfied. That was really satisfying like the coconut coke cannot coca-cola coca-cola. Can let's get it baby and this one we're gon na shake so that the explosion is twice as I was about to shake it? But let's get right, we got all these coke cans here and after seeing what it did to the coconut. It'S probably gon na destroy that cocaine. So why not? Why not do a whole 12-pack comment down below how many cans you guys think I blew up, I'm saying 700. Go I mean I don't see them all in a line anymore, so I'm gon na go ahead and save maybe ten Travis they're all gone okay, not intact. That'S not it [ Music ]. I need to see 100k bro. Now we are talking boys, my god holy small. Well, as you guys can see here at you, Dustin you're disgusting, so tastes like Coke. It still tastes like Coke, except a little more Gani. You want to get the 12-gauge. Don'T you that guys we're pretty good? Ok, but we're not that good, these guys they're that good, let's have a little fun. Ok, it was already dead after one but sure why not three, why not double up double up double up double up? Double you see the the miss and then still caught a cat like that. You think and get this Roly don't ask what this is in anybody else. Just please shoot this. I don't want it, but it's Nemo. Sorry Nemo! I, like you, you know you make good movies and everything Dory's better. You don't. Let'S speed things up a little bit, we'll get a little bit of the speaker out going on here. Bongo, I'm choosing for you picking up some hair. Is this hairspray we're cooking up? Some, what is this hair colouring spray paint? Teach please shoot this. I got us ready, ready, ahh, ok, let's do it so check it out. You see my aiming skills June. My first figure. You guys thought I missed the skull. I actually got a triple headshot this time around. Really you can smell it yeah I popped and you can see the bullet came. Oh, that's where I went Wow where's the rest of the. Can you still need some red hair color there, but I'm getting more of a blue guy myself, I even shot the straw in the middle there's a perfect clean middle shot. I think I liked about that. Is it actually exploded? Think, let's experiment with some flour change. My mind this stuff is so strong. I want to see if it can go through this frying pan thought there's probably a better way of testing. It then going - and I probably should have done that twice - let's shoot the frying pan. I think I shot the frying-pan quick scoped it. I'M not gon na lie the first time I saw. I just hit the trigger and said here. Let'S see if we went through Bongo, that's it. This is actually insane holy smokes. It literally went through completely through if this doesn't go through line X and it goes through a frying pan. I don't even know it. I don't know what to do. Next. Mr. Travis Robertson, everybody, you look like like a true southerner right now. You know you don't got sleeves on. You got a shotgun, there's a big bag of flour over there yeah we got flour over. That'S! What'S about that's, what's about to explode all right, let's do this ballast, just just keep that pointed there. Okay at the Travis. I remember friends: I haven't been that nice to Travis. I I kind of been abusing him lately, but let's go check out the damage. Someone say: baking, soda, hey the Baker's man. I could make a DIY DIY all over if you guys were wondering where we got that flower Bongo Austin. I stole it from your kitchen when we made the giant stealing. All of this stuff from Vagos Alice flower was his for. When we made the giant bounty bars are going over to his channel shaving. How am I supposed to shave today so that when I go out tonight, I don't look like a homeless man Dustin. You owe me shaving cream. You owe me flour. The only new pair of knuckles, I didn't have to punches. You super see.well Bongo. You may also be hungry for a while guys. Well, I took your water moans. No, I wanted to eat those later bog off Justin father. You had white flour. Okay, you know we're trying to change ourselves. Yes, I went and picked you up some whole-wheat flour. I like that you're not gon na get to eat it, though cuz we're gon na we're gon na shoot this one, Oh giving it to you to pay you back. For the flour that we use just just set it up for me, okay and I was hoping you'd - give we're gon na set it up. I just like to say to all you guys that watch my videos. I love you so much. Thank you for making this. My job, because I love this - you like this - this is let's go, get a watermelon. Let'S go get a lot of it. I dreamed of days like today so happy. Let'S just do this, that's what I'm talking about. Look at all the watermelon, pretty good might be a pellet or two in there good thing we got two of them: cuz we're gon na. Do that again, you know we may as well get a workout while we're in here net ball. Toss has never hurt anyone. Oh okay, that felt good right, yeah that that felt good. Ah I'm old Jesus I stepped on that log. I swear to God. I thought it was the shotgun. Oh, my god now I know this was a little bit of a controversial topic last time, but we never really got it official. There were some for and some against Nickelback we're gon na skeet you with Nickelback the CD kind of survived the hydraulic press. Let'S see how it does against some shotgun shells, you know the words right. No, we need the experts, please. Oh we need help. I nicked it landed on the ground bro. We need to call the expert so that it gets shattered. You know we'll never know, but I'm gon na go with the fact that I hit it, but let's actually hit it now, ready to practice. Long live Nickelback, Margo just came out right: NHL, 19. Okay, I technically you're right now in 19, guys! No 19. All a lot of games came out, okay, but I love duties and you wan na its the spider-man spider-man game. This fight, you ain't too fast, dizzy, fireman pinata about to be not a you're, not walking this way, but spider-man's. This way, let's go get him. Look at all the holes on spider-man's face look at the size of the hole in his back, though you got one pumps, you got one tub, there's a more like a five pump. All these pump. They were literally doing seven damage. Alright, alright spider-man's over. That'S all she wrote, you know it's time for right. The line X, the line X, let's get it okay, so it is finally time to test out this line X. Armor guys it didn't look like this. When we first sprayed it, we've done a whole lot to it, and literally nothing till now has been able to break this. Not nothing! You got, you got your tickets a, but you got your tickets, did you buy them for the gun? Show, let's shoot it right. Now please yeah. Let'S do but just to be sure I was gon na hit it a fourth time, but isn't there's not a real point to doing that? Oh come on! Oh No, let's say in theory. I hit it with the bow and arrow. We all know. Wouldn'T have broke so, let's just wan na just jump ahead to the JumpShip. I [ Music, ], didn't name it the head, but the head came off you thinking it went through. I think it went through buddy. I think it went through. Let'S go find out. Oh, did it even go through? I don't even know, there's literally the tiny there's, not even like the dots fully closed that may have bounced. Oh no, it went through. It definitely went through a little hole in the front big hole in the back yeah pretty freakin thick. This is a stool covered in line ax check. I down there fat. Do you shout out to him he made this happen. This is pretty thick. If this goes through this, then I don't even know, and if it doesn't, then we need the 50 yeah. We might have to call mr. beast. We need something bigger wan na know how strong this really is. We'Re gon na shoot. The thickest part shoot the leg, shoot the leg, let's shoot the leg right there, let's get it. He was on. Safety was on everybody. Bongo safety was on [, Music ], oh okay, it it did not go through pretty sure it's bulletproof. If you make it thick enough line X is bulletproof. We can't say that quite yet, because we haven't tried it against the 50 Cal guys remember to tweet at mr. beech for me boom boom. There are my two latest videos: I'm gon na get EKKO on this. One you guys know whether we got a 50 Cal or not always like to leave on high notes. There'S an echo