Videos of all time on my channel, we're covering an entire car with line action line X, got ta, know right now. They'Re hooking me up with a whole lotta line X to make the door a little less vegetable. I already destroyed this car. I just got this car okay, I bought. It was really expensive. Ah see the destruction in this. Video has already happened. I just read the roof know. If there was line X on the entire car, maybe I wouldn't destroy the roof, but we should fix that yeah. It'S a fix ticket yeah little bit, love it fuckin yep! That'S, I was gon na say good as new, but it wasn't new to start with so good is used. Now I know what you guys are saying: Justin. You just spent a whole ton of money on a car just to break it and if you're not asking yourself, you should at least be asking yourself, because, yes, I bought an expensive car and I'm using it for one video and breaking it questioning my life right Now, but what you guys should know is that this video would not be able to happen if it wasn't for the help of riders. I, where you guys see that you see these sunglasses consider these just dustin merch, because they are making it just dustin. Video happened. Jus shadows goes to right, as i were partnering with me on this video making. This video happen. They got a whole ton of cool products. They hooked up me Travis, oh my god, with a bunch of sunglasses that I'm gon na be testing out a little bit in this video as well. To just know this car. I don't know why I thought that was gon na break it, but I don't know what that is, but it's time to move on Spray, the process of doing the spray in the gun and covering this. I don't know what I'm doing. I think that's very clear. Right there yeah, he knows what he's doing got a line, a shirt. This is this is his place and well he's gon na. Do it shout out to him, as he's spraying, the car I'm gon na be surfing on it, breaking it and we're all doing everything tonight? What I I should probably not do the police bring it. I could explain to you what he's doing, but once again, I'm talking about we're just gon na show you been a little hasty. Are now got a price of y'all snake guys, one thanks for your chosen, so I see our frozen eight-six party hey. I will get a bar today got lost in the positive out cars. Finally done. Look at my brand new 0 % tint windows like that. To do that, that's probably not allowed all right, so you guys know how these videos work. I like to test a lot of these unbreakable things with weapons. First up we got the mallet aah. Is that loud a little bit? My ear is deaf, but yours that I just didn't like the music. Your four ways are on now and you can't turn them off cuz. He broke the button. Oh I broke the button. You broke the button turn off. Please turn off. Please no looks like the four ways. Maybe on maybe see if love is permanently safety safety. Oh, oh, no! Oh! No! No! No! I bent the key. What do I do? I don't know I mean you see you hit that part. It still runs. You got it. You got it high-five! Okay, you guys don't care about seeing the inside. You guys want to see the outside check it out. Oh my god guys these are summer tires the brakes suck. Then you're, just like it's like pimp my ride. Just that's the nation! Oh good, you just what honestly everything I touch breaks. I consider that a gift come on get in get in get in go for ride. Please can't I can't get in yeah, it's line-x. I can't get in that. You know, I think, that's a fair point. Well, you know there's no real other room in here. For you and I'm in this side, so no we're gon na have to break the door open. What does it mean to winch your wipers on, so I don't know how to turn that off all right now. Obviously, the point of this video is to compare a non line ex car who will lie next car. You know how we're gon na do that? Okay, you I'm asking you! Oh no. I don't know how oh now, the first way I could think of we wolves were playing some kind of sport cake and you accidentally smoke the car Travis. What do you do when you accidentally smoke a car? I don't wan na go hit the ball correct. The ball yeah, you know what I do, but the thing is. That would never really happen to me because I didn't grow up playing football. I grew up playing football all right. I didn't really do that much damage. What if that was your car by the way? I'M just saying: if any of you guys are physicists out there, you would notice the angle trajectory speed. That was good from like 45. You might have a slight dent in your car, but if you had a line ex car - oh oh, oh the case you're wondering it's freezing outside it's minus 20 degrees Celsius. I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit. You know what that is. Fahrenheit still. Somebody comment down below is that what that I came it's because it's so cold. What'S that not what, if you guys lived in not the best of neighborhood and the kids instead of walking around with footballs, they walked around with mallets. What kind of neighborhood is that mallet ville place in mallet county of anyways? It'S probably a place and they're working on their mallet toss, and your car just happens to be in the way. Well looks like you'd be missing a little bit of paint and you have a dent and you'd have no eardrums, but what? If kid, mallet and all his mallet friends had mallets, it could be a lot worse. One of them might have missed. Don'T act like you guys have never done this before when you lose your ball under the car, got it well. You'D have a whole lot of dents in your cars, and you probably be looking for 12 to 14 mallet heads with their mallets. I said mallet so many times in milk in mallet ville, but my suggestion is all you. People in mallet ville is that you get your car car an inline X cuz, you never know. Oh I hate my real car. Almost I broke what my weapons VIN. Did you handle? I should get a lionex weapon spinner. You should oh there's still more kids hitting it. Hey those kids better, have some good stamina and to be able to withstand the cold fire, so-called paternity Gavin's. On the coffin. I can see. Okay mal. I still work not even invalid, now not wanted for some reason. You guys live in an old-school town, okay, where there's a bunch of the kids from the Goonies running around or Dennis the Menace he's still running around somewhere. It'S probably an old man walking around now and it what did Dennis the Menace's in your city, then your car's gon na need some slingshot protection. There'S nothing in there. Oh, this is so fun. Oh yeah. The paint here is, is not doing too well. Your car have you really messed up but of course, with the line-x side of your car. Oh I shouldn't do this anymore. I shouldn't do this thing, but you guys know I'm going to oh, no more slingshot. Alright, so we've used some tools. Then we review some weapons, a cage and honestly it's not a good amount of damage. So maybe I'm starting to think you know what to damage a car. You don't need weapons. What, if you're a big celebrity like Justin, Bieber or David Ober, and your car is getting mobbed by fans wow and they're, shaking it and they're taking it? Why is that door panel, so sharp and they're trying to get into your trunk? Take it? How am i dying this video, not a lot of crazy things on my channel for the backpack, I bent it so much at the page. Shipping. That'S successful damage one point for the riders. This was your car. You might not be safe but if you add a line X, car child windows, nobody likes child windows. Why is the wiper blade on here and turn it off yet turn it off? The riders could steal your windshield wipers. They only in there conform. No, but if you had a line X car, maybe if the riot was a bunch of football players there would be dish news, no damage. Oh I'm all upset. Usually when I wear equipment things break, I should go back to the other side of the other car. So it's just not meant to be how I'm gon na stop hitting things with my head house to hitch. I think my work here is done all right, Travis, you know what I'm starting to think we're not going about this right. Okay, I think we're using our heads, but not using our heads. Why don't we go for the weakest part instead of the strongest part? You know the weakest part is right. So the window ready yep. 3. 2. 1. Oh, you don't eat, you, don't even have protective eyewear right and mr. safety wouldn't like that all right. Now, I'm feeling good, I'm looking good. You think I look good. I know I look good and I'm ready to break a window. Why? Because I'm wearing the best sunglasses that I have ever worn, you see this. This is a diffuser frame, so much airflow. So much these right here got hydrophilic. Anti-Slip stability, each pair comes with custom, nose pads, I mean just try and shake them off. They won't come off trying to see they won't come up unless you want them to. But you know what my favorite thing about. These are they're crazy, durable and they got these springy hinges sort of things. I just really like that. There'S the guys look at these, like you could just you could bend them they're good they're, not breaking you guys got to make sure you pick yourself up a pair with my personal link in the description down below guys. This is honestly a great company that makes dozens of great classes. They hit me up and made this video happy, so go show them some love. If you guys want to see them support me, making more bangers just like this one big feel good. Now I think so here we go 3. 2. 1. Oh that felt so good. Look at that, oh how's, about to jump through there. Now that would have been bad. This is the price we've here for slo-mo shots, oh god! No! No! Well! I am giving some away link in the description. No, we missed the slow-mo shot. We should get another one. Oh you guys. Look here, see that see that line Exide isn't broken so I'm talking about. We may have not gotten our slow ball the first time, but you guys know we're gon na get that slow-mo. Here we go three two one. Oh my god, I'm glad I have a lie. Neck scarf not a not lie neck scar, okay, how we gon na drive this! I want my phone Travis forgot to lock the doors. Okay, now clearly guys if your car was not lying next people would be able to break the window, but if it was linacs, let's see what would happen three two one, oh my god looks like no reveal to get in. You think the windows. Okay, though, no fingers crossed oh, like it sticks to it, it broke, but it like stopped it from falling. You don't I mean yeah. Definitely evil windows crack, but it's not broken. It'S still. An intact window line X, wins Travis. I know you feel the feel. I know you want to get involved or just what I'm gon na need some safety protection here you go. Thank you, Shido! No, no, no he's in mine, but I got you alright. Oh okay. Travis is on top of the world nice right now. I know you are okay, I see those glasses, I see them. I see them. Let'S do this here. We go. Oh, my god. Oh wow wow another one and the line Exide not so much my food. No, I don't even old my phone. Why didn't you tell me my bow? Was in there? Oh, my god, but look we're still good. I mean they're not getting in nobody, not gon na Travis getting late. We got one window left. You know what that means right. It'S van helsing time look! Didn'T you watch the last video I mean I was there. I filmed it still doesn't know who van Helsing is back besides the point, we're gon na shoot the window this time, we're making sure we got the sharp tips load it up. Here we go. Oh, my good, it didn't break another one. This time, I'm aiming at the side. Where did that go okay, the car? I literally thought it went straight up in the air. Did you know? I did that's right? Oh my god. Oh No, it broke the tip. They went straight in though oh my god well at least the windows still intact. How is this possible apparently only sledgehammers work? What happened? Okay, I always finish the job too bad. I mean you could probably get a couple of bucks off of it right sell it used 20 % off 30 % off 70 70, 70 percent off not a bad deal. You guys want to buy the car hit out a link in my description. Well, I'm not gon na give to that arrow tip works. You know what else might work something else. Sharp pickaxe always works here. We go. Oh, my god. Let'S try the line. Exide got it. Okay, I am freezing. You know it goes to show that we've done a lot in this video, I'm not gon na say smash the like button, but I highly urge you guys to explore button down there. That looks like this and we'll give it a tap. Can'T forget about the headlights. Don'T think you got a broken taillight, I'm gon na make an officer pull you over joke, but you're, not even in the car and I'm so cold. I can't do it please doing okay, okay, yep! That'S! Okay! All right! Try! It now keep going! That'S! Okay! Travis! My buddy buddy, but you got anger issues buddy day you anger, holding. Oh, oh, oh, you can't rip it off cuz the line hacks. You can't rip it all right, souvenir available in the giveaway down below I'm cold. You know, I think we could still sell it available for a night. You know 75 % off now you say nightie, I'm trying to make this car free. We better beat it up more now that I'm looking at it I'll really like the spoiler all right. Well, this side breaks foot the next time holding it together, it's too cold for this. We should go inside all right now. Clearly, this side is taking a beating - oh my god, but I don't think we paid enough attention to the other side. Let'S give it a shot, like literally I'm trying to show you the tip tips. Bed we're gon na give it a shot. Oh, oh! What'S on the road now with my other video as a kid, I've realized. Line-X is amazing, a blunt force trauma but again sharp things. Sometimes you get through okay, even this whoa, it's just poking little holes with samurai sword, okay, Travis yeah! Any other suggestions I mean. Usually a machete works, pretty well machete. You can never forget about the machete. It'S always the go-to. Here we go. [ Music ] see that little hole make a big one. Okay, maybe not. Oh apparently, line-x makes everything safe see if I can cut open the seam. Okay, clearly visible Shetty is not working on the line excise. Let'S see what it would do to the other side now it's commonly we're all knowing that, if you leave your car in the parking lot and you're, not a nice person, you may get your car key. What about getting your car machete? You know what that says: Travis check it out, that's it! That'S what I'm talking about, there's almost no more damage you can do to this right. That'S what you thought, okay guys, so you thought I was done. You guys thought that that card looks broken enough right. Well, well, it's not see this yeah, I don't know the name of that machine, but it means business, I'm not the one driving. My boy is doing it. That'S what I'm talking about stay of my life is what I want to do. I guys I'm quitting YouTube. This is becoming my new job brushing cars. Let'S go check it out. Oh hey, guys, look at it! Well, as you can see, the line, Exide is still more impact than the other side. Don'T suck forgot my favorite CD in there just in case you guys were doubting with me: okay, I'm the destruction, king of YouTube, if that's not worth smashing like button for well. Well, I don't know what you're looking for it's the greatest day of my life. [ Applause, ], okay, so that's it make sure you guys will cop your self, some riders, eyewear and answer the iPhone giveaway link. Your my description down below and you guys know whether I'm breaking a car covered in line-x or not. I always like to leave on a high note. You think it's time to get rid of this, not just yet [ Music, ]