Iraq UltraBlast Coating Test for ArmorThane

Constructed that you see behind us here was built four meters by three meters on four walls. We coated about three to four millimeters on each wall. One wall is coated on both sides, either Wonderwall quoted on the just, the middle are the the inside and the one was just coated on the outside. So we're going to test it with about, took our one kilogram of c-4 explosive, yes for to to test how it can stay together and withstand the blast. This is, this is the first wall. This is the first wall which was done. We have the coating on both sides, which is about three to four millimeters of the ultra blast coating on this wall, this side and also on the inside, so the on to two mr. Garak, can you explain to me more? What is exactly, we can do it get a starting of a building, how we can save the buildings well Ali. You know that in today's world safety and security is very important. You want to be able to protect people, protect lives, protect injuries, so you want to use this product on many applications which include hospitals, schools, malls government buildings, police stations and even some of the checkpoints that you have in this country here. So it's very important to keep the safety of the people so that there's very very little injury. Our product is very tough, it's very resilient. It takes a lot of it, absorbs all the impact of explosion, so it's it can withstand all those sorts of damages. This is is about the bullying. Now tell me: what is what is the building? What is more, like more importance behind the building, what you can do it for this project? Well, there's more applications than even just the building's themselves. It can be used as a waterproofing membrane. It can be used as something that would actually increase the strength of a building. So there's many applications beyond that. We we have some parts we're working on which will develop for ballistic protection, so would be good for for any bullets and other fragments, as explosions happen. So yeah there's a host of different applications and uses within the military are very important to to protect our our forces and the people that work in our military. You, you