Repair and Restore Avalanche Cladding

Hi, my name is Stefan I'd like to talk a little bit today about Armour Thane and its brand truck bedliner. Armor Thane is a multinational company that was founded in 1989 and is based in Springfield Missouri armor Thane is a leader in spray and drug bedliners. I currently own a 2002 Chevy Avalanche with the light grade. Colored plastic cladding plastic cladding was designed to provide a distinct look and added protection to the vehicle over the years. The cladding developed appearance issues like fading chalking. This even zebra stripes, due to the direct sunlight and heat after several complaints to the dealer about the appearance of the cladding, the dealer and General Motors agreed to a one-time product called armadillo, not to be confused with armor thane. This product lasts about six months. After several more complaints to the dealer, they agreed to try another product called Gator back Gator back was a sprayed-on application which actually sprayed a lighter color and made the original cladding look lighter than it was intended. This product didn't last long either and started the peel. I was sideswiped by another vehicle from the driver side, front door, rearward damaging the running board and a piece of cladding right in front of the rear tire. It was the worst I purchased new piece of cladding only to find that the new piece and the original cladding that was Gator back didn't meant I've heard of other clouded avalanche Childers spring there, climbing with a plastic spray paint called fusion. So I gave it a shot. What I did was actually bought a can and sprayed the drains on the inward side of the right and left sale panels, as you can see over time they faded and didn't. Last to my specifications I had a friend of mine recently had a spray and truck bedliner done to his vehicle. I asked him, I said man, it looks good said. Who is the name of that company who sprayed it in and what product is he so? The name the company was total customs of a foul Missouri. That'S called armor thing. His new truck bedliner looked great by the way, so I had a thought. I thought I would try this application on the running board first on each side and see how it turned out. I spoke with the folks at total customs Mike and Tom, letting them know what I wanted to do with the running board. Since it was a plastic application, they weren't real sure. You know how it were here to the plastic, so they asked me if I'd come out, so they can take a look at it. Folks and total customs agreed to spray the running boards with the armored thing bedliner, but didn't want to guarantee it at all. They were not sure how well we're here. What I asked them to do is encapsulate or totally spray. You know top bottom front back the whole piece of running board just so there were no edges or anything for moisture get up under once I saw the finished product the running boards. I was convinced this was definitely the way to go, as you can see what I've got here. I'Ve got the the front section of fender to the rear of the front tire, the front door, the rear door, the rear piece in front of the rear tire, the rear, quarter-panel, and I have the rear bumper sprayed as well. It'S it's pretty much a work in progress, but I'll tell you what it's well worth the the weight and trying to get this thing completed. This is phenomenal. This is where project armor lanch came into play. So what I did here is to explain a little bit. I took each piece off of the vehicle, like I said: the fenders, the doors, the recorders and took them out to a time when I did. I did the rear quarters once and then I can go, do the doors and the front fender. So the folks at total customs mike and tom, actually Adam, did the spraying out there. They totally encapsulated each piece which made it a little more difficult for the application go back on the truck, but I tell you what, like I said: well worth it. This is a phenomenal product and definitely the way to go. If you are a cladded avalanche owner and you are looking to revive or restore the cladding on your vehicle, I would suggest don't go to paint route and go the armor thing around. It'S truly amazing, like I said, each piece is totally encapsulated I'll, try to get a close-up view of the original, but the old first I mean you can see lines all through it. It'S still looking chalky. I just do my best to keep it clean right now, but here is they finished the armor Thayne product, like I say it's a little dirty now, but very phenomenal stuff and I'll just kind of give you a little bit of glimpse here. Here'S the inside look! Look door stop swinging the inside section of the door and, like I said it's totally encapsulated. So if I were to look all the way up underneath the door, I mean you, you couldn't see any light gray, color anymore. This is totally encapsulated. This stuff is phenomenal. Get a hand out here, so I still have, as you can see some pieces to go the sail panels on top the saddlebag the rear covers, but I've got the recorders, the bumper. I still have some sections here in the back of the truck look at the difference. Look at the two. It'S just phenomenal. I like to say that there are other applications for the armor thin spray. You know I'm looking now at currently adding them into a boat product project that I've got going on now with a jambo, but this stuff is phenomenal. I was actually at a my son's baseball games and I had the truck parked down the third-base side of the field and it was a foul ball. It took a shot, took one skip off the ground and made direct contact with the rear quarter-panel. To my surprise, there was no damage to the quarter panel at all no damage to the armor theme product. This stuff is very flexible. It'S a two-part process. It'S a high temperature high heats process. It'S a polyurethane based material, very, very flexible. So, like I said, I just want to give many kudos thanks to the folks at total customs, Mike Tom and Adam in O'Fallon Missouri. I also want to give many thanks to a hank at the armor thing, I'm kind of helping this project along and Doran. He can so, like, I said, still a still working progress. This would be the next piece that gets done, so I can always add more more video and show you how it comes along, but, like I said this is a phenomenal product. Definitely the way to go for cladded avalanche owners. I would definitely not do the spray paint so project armor lanch is is awesome in thanks.