Truck 'N Car Concepts :: Spray In Bedliners

Here on a pickup truck like this Toyota, Tundra, you're gon na haul stuff - and what happens you scratch up? The bed got a beautiful truck and a good-looking bed. Well, I'm with Jack Anderson, a farmer Thane and he's gon na put the beauty back in our bed. Wow now we're gon na put a spray-on bedliner on this truck today and obviously there's gon na be some prep work. So let's get started. Okay, before we start grinding and our prepping, our bed we're going to go ahead and remove the last of the hardware in here all right, you know the hooks out of it we'll take the tie-downs out what about these, because the owner has chosen to leave them In the armored thing will seal around them and make a good seal on the floor, our around some of the trucks, the bed bolts, need to be pulled for a service issue, so in this case the owners opted to leave them in all right, less work. That'S work once we get these tie-downs out. What'S next to tailgate, we'll go the tailgate and when we get to our tailgate, we're gon na check and make sure we don't have any wiring from the tailgate to the the bed for backup cameras or backup, sensors make sure we have all our wires unplugged and Then we'll take them, remove our tailgate all right. We got our tailgate off we're ready to tape it off, but we're gon na remove this panel Jack. Now. Why are we removing this panel? Well, if we left the panel in place and frayed the tailgate with our machine, we would seal this panel to the tailgate and, unfortunately, mechanical parts have a way of breaking it. Myself. We had an issue in here. We wouldn't be able to get this panel off. All right so we're just gon na space it up so we're gon na take this panel loose we're gon na tape, the linkage rods and the lock, and then we got these tricky little wood blocks here when we actually spray it we're gon na. Have it spaced up away from the tailgate, we'll still get our arm Athene around the inspection cover and the tailgate, but when we're done spraying we'll take our blocks out, we can plus background lamp. Put it back down. It'S removable all right! Well, you're, ready tape. I'M ready to tape. We saw all the work that went into prep of the tailgate but Jack. Now we've got tape off the bed. Well, we're gon na tape that okay, we're gon na start with our wide tape, we're gon na wrap it around this edge. We'Re gon na go clear around the bed. We'Re gon na, take our narrow tape and we're gon na go just behind a crown back here around the tailgate opening all right. Well then, I'm gon na tape off the bolts that will hold the tonneau cover I'll put them back in. So we don't get any liner inside the bowl holes yeah rough up the surface. It'S not gon na. Stick, we don't rough. It up correct crack all right! Then we'll wipe it out with a snowman in all, it's left drape to plastic and we're ready to spray you betcha once Jack is finished masking the bed. He will cover the rest of the truck with plastic to prevent any damage and he will start spraying